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Tue Jan 10 22:09:31 GMT 2006

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On 10.1.2006 21:56 (UTC+2), Laurent Saplairoles wrote:
> On 9 Jan 2006 at 22:33, Peter Stendahl-Juvonen wrote:
>> Windows Installer will attempt to finish the installation for the
>> limited privileges user accounts over and over, every time the limited
>> privileges user attempts to launch ANY Microsoft Office XP
>> Professional application. Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft
>> Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint and possibly Microsoft
>> Publisher will never install successfully. (After having experienced
>> this most unexpected and serious issue with all other Microsoft Office
>> XP Professional components, did no longer want to try whether the same
>> happens with Microsoft Publisher as well.)
> AFAIK, this is common and not new to WinXP. I encounter the problem with Windows 2000 
> (sp4) and Office 2000. I always install office as admin. Then, for each new user on a 
> workstation, I need to give admin rights, login as that user and launch Office (usually Word) 
> for the installation to finish. Office still requires the install medium, does its things then 
> launches. After that, I am able to remove admin rights for the user who then runs as 'user' 
> without any problem.
> It's really annoying here because my workstations are shared between several people, each 
> with their own login so I need to repeat tjhat tedious operation over and over...

Laurent et al.

Installing SW on W2K Pro or WXP Pro platform signed on the system with
(full or sometimes partial) administrative privileges is common practice
and a necessity descending from the so called safe computing in said

Do not recall having installed any SW without full administrative
privileges on neither W2K Pro nor W2K Pro [SP2] environments.

Have tried (several times) the same method, which you described in your
reply post (above), but UNSUCCESSFULLY.

According to my experiences, with Office XP Pro [SP3] on WXP Pro *SP2*
platform in order to FINISH the installation(s) for the limited
privileges account users, elevating the normal users privileges
temporarily to Admin privileges, only helps *temporarily*. As soon as
the privileges are set back to normal, i.e. limited privileges, the
"finish of the installation(s)" starts continuing again at every launch
of ANY MS Office XP Pro SP3 application (Word, Excel, Access,
PowerPoint. With Outlook the issue is so bad that Outlook is incapable
of receiving mail).

After the "ongoing finishes of installation(s)" that take place after
EVERY subsequent launch of the Office XP SW, also using some of the
office applications' functions, namely, e.g. Office Assistant will
launch some more "ongoing finishes of installation(s)". Also closing the
Office applications cause "ongoing finishes of installation(s)".

Would be really interested to hear IF you (or anyone else) have managed
to install Office XP Pro [SP3] on WXP Pro *SP2*.

If anyone has succeeded, please confirm what kind of luck is needed. ;)

Have not managed in my environment. I have two HDs. On the first HD (in
alphabetical accessing order) I have a successful installation of Office
XP Pro SP3 on W2K Pro SP4 (both SW fully patched in all other respects
as well).

On a second (in alphabetical accessing order) HD I have WXP Pro *SP2*
(fully patched in other respect as well). I have installed Office XP Pro
SP3 (+ all other patches as well) on this second HD also.

Unluckily, Office XP Pro SP3 can feasibly be run in this environment
ONLY when signed on the (WXP SP2) system with full administrative
privileges, i.e. as Admin (or as member of the Admin Group).

Attempts to run Microsoft Office XP Professional signed on the system as
a limited privileges [account] user is impractical because of the
alleged and described incompatibility of Microsoft Office XP
Professional Service Pack 3 and Microsoft Windows XP Professional
*Service Pack 2*, causing redundant "finishing of installation" over and
over again.

My solution to these most unexpected and serious issues was installing
OpenOffice and Mozilla Thunderbird. (To be clear, performed this as
Admin as well.) No temporary escalation of privileges was needed for
OpenOffice. If memory serves, Thunderbird (or Enigmail/Enigmime
extension utilizing GnuPG as underlying cryptography engine) required a
temporary privileges elevation (to full Admin privileges) during the
first launch of said SW. After the first launch setting the privileges
back to limited again and Thunderbird runs like charm.

The outcome might be that I may after all the vain efforts with MS
Office XP Pro have a safer (than Outlook) email client in use. The same
might apply to OpenOffice's safety vs. that of the other components of
MS Office XP Pro as well.

So I am quite happy with the present situation.

In addition to the vain efforts, just about the only other thing that
bugs is the fact that my company has paid (in full according to
Microsoft's pricing options) for the Office XP Pro SW, which now fails
to serve my company and myself as expected.

- -Pete

     "Everything must be taken seriously, nothing dramatically."
    Louis Adolphe Thiers (1797?1877); French statesman, historian

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