[Dshield] Admin rights on XP Home (was Re: WMF "wait for us")

Joel Esler eslerj at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 23:18:34 GMT 2006


If you reboot XP, and log-in in "Safe Mode" (or something, it's been
about 3 or 4 years since I did this), you can log in as the account
"Administrator"  but the password is blank.


On 1/10/06, Peter Stendahl-Juvonen <peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com> wrote:
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> On 10.1.2006 21:56 (UTC+2), Laurent Saplairoles wrote:
> >
> > On 9 Jan 2006 at 22:33, Peter Stendahl-Juvonen wrote:
> >
> >> Windows Installer will attempt to finish the installation for the
> >> limited privileges user accounts over and over, every time the limited
> >> privileges user attempts to launch ANY Microsoft Office XP
> >> Professional application. Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft
> >> Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint and possibly Microsoft
> >> Publisher will never install successfully. (After having experienced
> >> this most unexpected and serious issue with all other Microsoft Office
> >> XP Professional components, did no longer want to try whether the same
> >> happens with Microsoft Publisher as well.)
> >>
> >
> > AFAIK, this is common and not new to WinXP. I encounter the problem with Windows 2000
> > (sp4) and Office 2000. I always install office as admin. Then, for each new user on a
> > workstation, I need to give admin rights, login as that user and launch Office (usually Word)
> > for the installation to finish. Office still requires the install medium, does its things then
> > launches. After that, I am able to remove admin rights for the user who then runs as 'user'
> > without any problem.
> >
> > It's really annoying here because my workstations are shared between several people, each
> > with their own login so I need to repeat tjhat tedious operation over and over...
> >
> Laurent et al.
> Installing SW on W2K Pro or WXP Pro platform signed on the system with
> (full or sometimes partial) administrative privileges is common practice
> and a necessity descending from the so called safe computing in said
> environments.
> Do not recall having installed any SW without full administrative
> privileges on neither W2K Pro nor W2K Pro [SP2] environments.
> Have tried (several times) the same method, which you described in your
> reply post (above), but UNSUCCESSFULLY.
> According to my experiences, with Office XP Pro [SP3] on WXP Pro *SP2*
> platform in order to FINISH the installation(s) for the limited
> privileges account users, elevating the normal users privileges
> temporarily to Admin privileges, only helps *temporarily*. As soon as
> the privileges are set back to normal, i.e. limited privileges, the
> "finish of the installation(s)" starts continuing again at every launch
> of ANY MS Office XP Pro SP3 application (Word, Excel, Access,
> PowerPoint. With Outlook the issue is so bad that Outlook is incapable
> of receiving mail).
> After the "ongoing finishes of installation(s)" that take place after
> EVERY subsequent launch of the Office XP SW, also using some of the
> office applications' functions, namely, e.g. Office Assistant will
> launch some more "ongoing finishes of installation(s)". Also closing the
> Office applications cause "ongoing finishes of installation(s)".
> Would be really interested to hear IF you (or anyone else) have managed
> to install Office XP Pro [SP3] on WXP Pro *SP2*.
> If anyone has succeeded, please confirm what kind of luck is needed. ;)
> Have not managed in my environment. I have two HDs. On the first HD (in
> alphabetical accessing order) I have a successful installation of Office
> XP Pro SP3 on W2K Pro SP4 (both SW fully patched in all other respects
> as well).
> On a second (in alphabetical accessing order) HD I have WXP Pro *SP2*
> (fully patched in other respect as well). I have installed Office XP Pro
> SP3 (+ all other patches as well) on this second HD also.
> Unluckily, Office XP Pro SP3 can feasibly be run in this environment
> ONLY when signed on the (WXP SP2) system with full administrative
> privileges, i.e. as Admin (or as member of the Admin Group).
> Attempts to run Microsoft Office XP Professional signed on the system as
> a limited privileges [account] user is impractical because of the
> alleged and described incompatibility of Microsoft Office XP
> Professional Service Pack 3 and Microsoft Windows XP Professional
> *Service Pack 2*, causing redundant "finishing of installation" over and
> over again.
> My solution to these most unexpected and serious issues was installing
> OpenOffice and Mozilla Thunderbird. (To be clear, performed this as
> Admin as well.) No temporary escalation of privileges was needed for
> OpenOffice. If memory serves, Thunderbird (or Enigmail/Enigmime
> extension utilizing GnuPG as underlying cryptography engine) required a
> temporary privileges elevation (to full Admin privileges) during the
> first launch of said SW. After the first launch setting the privileges
> back to limited again and Thunderbird runs like charm.
> The outcome might be that I may after all the vain efforts with MS
> Office XP Pro have a safer (than Outlook) email client in use. The same
> might apply to OpenOffice's safety vs. that of the other components of
> MS Office XP Pro as well.
> So I am quite happy with the present situation.
> In addition to the vain efforts, just about the only other thing that
> bugs is the fact that my company has paid (in full according to
> Microsoft's pricing options) for the Office XP Pro SW, which now fails
> to serve my company and myself as expected.
> - -Pete
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