[Dshield] Possible solution for ISP (was DShield's public goals)

Laura Vance vancel at winfreeacademy.com
Thu Jan 12 18:08:47 GMT 2006

Kenneth Coney wrote:

>Sadly, the concept of ISPs sharing info of who has been a bad boy sounds 
>like an excellent way to be sued for slander or libel.  This could turn 
>out to be much like the mom and pop store being sued for putting in 
>their window the name or picture of someone who allegedly wrote a bad 
>check there.
Actually, it's more closely related to the credit card reporting 
agencies.  Only specific companies get to see, it's not available for 
general viewing.  John and Jane Doe can't look up Joe Blow's rating, 
only the ISPs can.  The same as with the credit card system, and we all 
know that the credit reporting systems are legal.

Laura Vance
Systems Engineer
Winfree Academy Charter Schools

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