[Dshield] Possible solution for ISP (was DShield's public goals)

Laura Vance vancel at winfreeacademy.com
Fri Jan 13 17:22:38 GMT 2006

Ed Truitt wrote:

>Yeah - and we also know that the data is never sold to others, or used for different purposes like determing who gets hired or what your auto insurance rates will be -- NOT.
>Sorry for the sarcasm, but I think the credit reporting bureaus/system is an incredible scam, and I think they should be subject to lawsuits.
I'm not saying that it couldn't be used for different things, but if you 
were hiring someone for your IT department, wouldn't you want to know 
that they have been blacklisted from ISP use 8 times, because they can't 
keep their computer from getting infected?  I think I would want to know 
that more than their credit score for certain positions.

Sarcasm is no problem, but I'm still waiting for more people to see that 
the system could be flexible and dynamic and could be created to take 
into account the reasonable concerns that people have.  If it was 
designed with a primary goal of helping the ISP without adding much 
overhead, I'm sure they would be onboard.

I've only been in computer systems and networks for 15 years in both 
voice and data and sometimes both across the same lines in both military 
and civilian capacities.  I've been a programmer for a credit card 
processing company.  I've been the systems administrator for a couple of 
different networks, I've designed software that deals with several 
concerns brought up in this thread.  And with all of that background I 
know I (or any one person) don't know enough to do it without any input 
(although the idea seems more solid as people try to poke holes in it).  
Not to menition the fact that one woman approaching several ISPs 
wouldn't have the same weight as a consortium of people that have 
brainstormed the ideas.  Right now it seems like I'm defending the idea 
from most people on this list, which is a good thing, because so far no 
concerns have come up that I hadn't already considered.  I'm also not 
married to the original outline, just the overall idea... it can evolve 
and develop into something better with more input.  The biggest pitfall 
that I want to avoid is getting away from simplicity and elegance.  My 
original thoughts focused on low overhead and low cost for the ISP while 
the users are educated when necessary... this makes it more attractive 
to them, because they can help their users without having to help their 
users... if that makes any sense.  It also keeps ISPs from having to 
lock everything down so tight that nobody can run servers and accept 
inbound connections wihout some sort of programming on the part of the 
ISP (higher overhead).

Anyway, I know there are some that just won't accept ideas that they 
didn't originate.  There are also people that bring up issues that have 
already been addressed.  There are also people that will knee-jerk 
reject everything that they don't understand fully.  All of these are ok 
too, because I know that there are a lot of people on this list that 
aren't posting to this thread that probably believe in the concept too.  
All good ideas eventually get implemented in some form or another. :)

Laura Vance
Systems Engineer
Winfree Academy Charter Schools

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