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Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Sun Jan 15 19:18:05 GMT 2006

>The question of whether or not a VOIP supports "911" emergency service 
>is separate. Whether or how VOIP can support "911" service is really not 
>terribly relevant to the question of how an ISP should respond when 
>residential computers become zombies in some crime syndicate's botnet.
True and not true... It is more of a regulatory question then a
technical issue.
If VoIP is supposed to provide "life line" 911 access, the ISP may be
barred from blocking the connection "no matter what". An if VoIP traffic
is not easily filtered, they may have no ability to block the user.

Ideal solution (you mentioned it): Modem with two ports: RJ-45 network
port and RJ-12 (or whatever its called) phone port for VoIP...

As said in the E911 VoIP threat: 911 over VoIP does not necessarily make
sense technically, but regulation/marketing may force it onto the industry.

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