[Dshield] Possible solution for ISP (was DShield's public goals)

Laura Vance vancel at winfreeacademy.com
Tue Jan 17 22:57:07 GMT 2006

ed.truitt at etee2k.net wrote:

>I don't know (if others have submitted it before), but one of the ways to look
>at this type of idea is to try to poke holes in it -- and, if the holes can be
>sufficiently closed, then the idea is a better one then when it first entered
>the arena.
>I don't think anyone here has resorted to taking personal pot-shots at you (or
>others who appear to be defenders/proponents of this idea), they are instead
>engaged in debate, based on the merits of the idea you proposed.
The reason I asked that question was because of that web page ( 
anti-spam/you-might-be.html ).  The page deals with people proposing a 
"new" idea when the idea has already been out there for years, so I was 
asking him if this idea had already been suggested.  The page is 
satyrical, but it pokes fun at people that have come up with a way to 
save the world from spam, suggest ideas, but don't think about or care 
about what it would take to get them set up or implemented.

I had thought of ways to do all of it, but I didn't cultivate a full 
blown plan of attack, because I wanted to share the idea and get people 
to come up with good ideas.  Ideas that wouldn't hurt all users because 
a LOT of them are clueless about computer security.  I learned many 
years ago that not everyone can come up with a good idea.  Some people 
are so focused on what they're doing that they forget to step back and 
see if it needs to be done a different way.  I've lost count of how many 
times I've suggested a way that the major players hadn't considered... 
sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it at least gets their 
creativity go come back "outside the box" to overuse a phrase.

The discussion is good, and sometimes I feel like it's my fault for not 
being able to properly convey my idea, and then there are times that one 
of the hole poking attempts makes me think of something else.. maybe 
where the hole was poked, or maybe something related.  I know that one 
individual isn't really capable of thinking of all aspects of something 
like this, so I didn't try.  I built a framework.  I try not to see them 
as personal attacks, but sometimes it's hard when someone is telling me 
that I don't have a clue instead of saying that the idea needs work in 
areas x and z.  Each email that I've written on this thread has taken a 
lot of time, because I think about my responses... I think about the 
context... I think about wether or not I sound upset or angry... 
sometimes I do it right, sometimes I don't.  But, discussions are good. :) 

I read Johannes thread about "my perfect ISP" and it sounds like he did 
take the idea and run with it... or he had already been thinking 
something similar, but didn't want to post it until someone else posted 
something similar.  Who knows... I don't.  But the ball is rolling now, 
and that's a good thing.

Laura Vance
Systems Engineer
Winfree Academy Charter Schools

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