[Dshield] Useful lists

Joe Matusiewicz joem at nist.gov
Thu Jan 19 18:50:23 GMT 2006

At 11:37 AM 1/19/2006, Willy, Andrew wrote:
>I subscribe to a number of mailing lists, as I imagine many of you do. I am
>curious to know what other DShielders subscribe to and perhaps find another
>community I can learn from. Would anyone mind suggesting what they believe
>to be indispensable mailing lists?

I do bugtraq, full disclosure (low signal to noise ratio with frequent 
flamewars), infowarrior, linux_security, intrusions, nessus, forensics, 
focus-ids, fw-1, firewall wizards, sun managers, ifosec news, and a couple 
others.  I know its a lot, but you can quickly tell if they're worth 
reading by the subject heading...and the advantage is that you know what's 
currently going on and can be prepared.

-- Joe

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