[Dshield] Windows wireless flaw...

Aaron Lewis aaron at adldatacomm.net
Fri Jan 20 19:39:21 GMT 2006

I guess I should have pasted the URL in before sending... Sorry

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I have a 'tips and tricks' page on my site regarding wireless security. It's
not extremely in depth but it's a good place to start.


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Good advice Aaron. We did the same thing with home users who have wireless.
I just wanted to check to see if there were other steps that people had
taken and also that the steps mentioned actually worked.
I know that hotel use is also big for our users and with the likelihood that
their SSID's are all the same for large chains, I just wanted to make sure
the steps we are currently using will keep us protected.

Murad Talukdar
Subway Systems Australia

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I think this can very easily go back to a legal debate a while back
regarding the use of open (unsecured) wireless networks. If you aren't
capable of naming your SSID something other than Linksys then shame on you
or your administrator. Why is that so difficult? The first time I set up a
wireless device, not knowing anything about it, the SSID was the first thing
I set because it looked like an identifying piece of information.


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Subject: Windows wireless flaw...

Has anyone tested this out? If so, what are you thinking about doing to
prevent it?


I'm trying to see if I can get my test machine to do it--incidentally I have
noticed two ad-hoc networks these last two days. (One has a (1) appended to
it--not sure what is adding the one).

Kind Regards
Murad Talukdar


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