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One list that I find useful is the IRC-Security list. As you are aware, a
lot of the exploits result in system compromises, and these result in "Bots"
or "drones". Sometimes these drones are controlled via IRC botnets. It can
help you with some advanced warning of botnets as well as what is being done
to mitigate them. I have personally been able to download a few botnet
exploits, identify them, and report them to the respective ISP for shutdown.

Check it out at:
http: // lists [dot] irc-unity [dot] org/mailman/listinfo/irc-security

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I subscribe to a number of mailing lists, as I imagine many of you do. I am
curious to know what other DShielders subscribe to and perhaps find another
community I can learn from. Would anyone mind suggesting what they believe
to be indispensable mailing lists?  

I currently belong to the ntop, Snort user, Mediawiki, DShield, and Osirix
(medical imaging software) mailing lists. A couple of those are completely
unrelated to security but I thought to mention them anyway.

Thanks in advance.


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