[Dshield] blocking the DSL hacker

Tom dshield at oitc.com
Sat Jan 21 22:33:56 GMT 2006


Download and burn to CD a firewall (BlackICE or whatever), firefox 
and AVG updates. Take to your friend's and do a clean OS install, 
then install the firewall (close all ports incoming), firefox (use 
this browser rather than IE) and AV updates.

Open the manual for the lynksys and read it. It will instruct you on 
connecting your machine to it via ethernet and then using your 
browser (if required) to complete the setup. Its probably a NAT 
router so that means you have "internal" addresses such as 
and external address which is provided by your ISP via your Netopia 
modem (as a note I am not familiar with all the Netopias but you 
might also have NAT capability there also so check the manual)

After that you should be good to go.


At 9:47 PM +0000 1/21/06, Mel wrote:
>My friends Earthlink DSL account has become useless lately.
>  As soon as the computer is turned on a constant barrage begins 
>coming from diverse machines on the Verizon network.(70.20.x.x)
>  Most attempts seem to be netBIOS in nature, but it isn't very long, 
>maybe as short as ten minutes, until my friends machine is full of 
>viruses and begins acting very unstable.
>  We tried to get to the AVG website to update the anti-virus but 
>always get infected before we could wend our way to the AVG site in 
>  We have a linksys router on hand but don't know anything about 
>putting it to use. I remember reading on the Dshield forum that a 
>router would be helpful in stopping intrusions. We are using a 
>Netopia modem.
>  Can someone please point us in the right direction. Thanks many 
>many in advance.
>                                       Mel.
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