[Dshield] blocking the DSL hacker

Mel forum at dshield.org
Fri Jan 27 00:03:54 GMT 2006

Thanks to one and all for the technical advice. The Linksys blurb is long gone unfortunately so I will have to Google (or Clusty) up some info about it. 
Smoothwall IPCop sounds very interesting also, although the mention of Linux conjures up pictures of a configuration jungle. I must take a look at it.
 "Surviving the first day" Sounds like the place to start.

 I also configure my own computer (dial-up) from scratch and then make an image of the hard drive before using the internet. It usually isn't very long until my hard drive is polluted with sundry malware and I have to install the image and start with a clean slate. Naturally the image is never exposed to the internet. 
                                                                     Thanks again.                Mel.

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