[Dshield] unusual port 25 traffic

KrogNetix abuse at allover.ca
Thu Jan 26 21:47:54 GMT 2006

It seems strange that the burst (apparently) came from a domestic ADSL IP.
We have been seeing spammers are connecting via TCP 25 in bunches of 20-100
to try and confuse the anti-spam or "greylistng" system and allow for
successful delivery. Maybe this is a similar (only much larger) event like

M. McBride
Security Admin
Vancouver CA

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> We have scanned the boxes with AV, scanned with Nessus, we can seem to 
> find them compromised.
> Sniffer has been set up and we are waiting for another burst.  We 
> cannot find a pattern to the traffic.  We can go a couple of 
> days/hours/minutes before another burst.

can you dump the traffic's payload to see whether it's really smtp or
something else?


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