[Dshield] S.O.S.

cbminfo forum at dshield.org
Mon Jan 30 21:16:10 GMT 2006

I finally got the author to notify when my end quits sending reports, and for awhile there it was working. 

According to my archived, my last report was the 19th of last month.
I can't recall the last time I heard from Dshield.

I've reinstalled my OS and Dshield several times in the past few months,The last 2 installs of dshield, it fails to interpret any lines,regardless of how many there are.

Nothing to send, and when I tried to post to the web interface, it was down also.

All the posts in this forum seem to be saying the same thing.

Where are you Dshield ?

And why is my client now failing to convert ?

Trend micro logs...
The auto config also fails. But it wasn't always like this.

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