[Dshield] Under attack by bloggers

Malcolm Warden malcolm.warden at virgin.net
Tue Jan 31 11:03:22 GMT 2006

I installed some new code to my phpbb last night to catch any attempt to create a new user 
account by a spambot (which, if successful, would then post links back to increase its 
master's site rating with Google etc).
I was very suprised to catch the first one within seconds!

The site has been live for years without any spam registrations and I believe that up to now 
the robots have failed visual confirmation and just been dropped silently to the floor.
The concern is that robots are getting smarter so I needed a second line of defence.

I am now seeing these things at all too frequent intervals - mostly pointed back to 
blogspot.com. The pages that they link to are meaningless semi-English probably created 
by a robot but with links on to the usual suspects - poker, loans and sex sites.

Here are a couple of examples:

It seems odd to me that blogger.com is now owned by Google but clearly being abused on a 
grand scale to distort Google and other searches.

I could have some fun with this - a small change in the php to censor any link to blogspot 
that gets through the defences and redirect it to.... The Vatican...   or ...  an abuse page at 
Google or ...

Anyone have any ideas about the best way to pass this on to blogger.com or Google 
themselves? I could easily automate the whole thing to forward the links by e-mail.

Any other suggestions on what else to do?


Malcom Warden
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