[Dshield] Question about spam sent to list address

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Fri Mar 3 12:45:10 GMT 2006

Spam sent to the "public" address you are using to post is unavoidable.
The archives and such should be obfuscated, but the post themselves on
the list are not (and I need to include a way for people to make contact
directly). There are a couple of other organizations that archive this
list, and I am not sure if they use obfuscation or not.

However, if you receive spam at an address that is subscribed to the
list and not used for posting, please let me know. (it could indicate
that the subscriber list leaked).

Stephane Grobety wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm receiving quite a bit of spam to the address dedicated to this
> list, mostly nigerian spam and other kind of frauds.
> Now, without musing about the intelligence of people harvesting email
> addresses off a list devoted to network security, I remember that,
> about a year ago, someone expressed interest in getting these
> messages.
> Is it still the case ? If yes, where should these messages be
> forwarded ?
> Thanks,
> Stephane
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