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Fri Mar 3 17:03:55 GMT 2006

Here's the answer to my question...

Ref: http://www.isc.org/sw/bind/
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Unsuitable for Forwarder Use
If a nameserver -- any nameserver, whether BIND or otherwise -- is
configured to use ``forwarders'', then none of the the target forwarders
can be running BIND4 or BIND8. Upgrade all nameservers used as
``forwarders'' to BIND9 . There is a current, wide scale Kashpureff-style
DNS cache corruption attack which depends on BIND4 and BIND8 as
``forwarders'' targets.
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> Greetings -
> I began noticing some odd dns queries in my logs a few weeks ago.
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> Mar  2 07:38:19 myhost named[22178]: client query:
> i205249.upc-i.chello.nl.mydomain.net IN AAAA
> Mar  2 07:40:31 myhost named[22178]: client query:
> zg06-071.dialin.iskon.hr.mydomain.net IN AAAA
> Mar  2 07:43:48 myhost named[22178]: client query:
> ACCC7FD0.ipt.aol.com.mydomain.net IN AAAA
> **end paste**
> myhost and mydomain have replaced my hosts true info, but that is
> essentially the format of these queries.  When I dig the host with
> mydomain.net omitted, it typically resolves to some real host on the
> internet, but the same query dig'd against my server comes back empty as
> expected.
> These queries come a few at a time over a few minutes, as if someone is
> testing their settings, and then after a short period of time they begin
> to come in large quantities virtually non-stop for anywhere from several
> hours to several days.  Due to some troubleshooting I had turned on DNS
> logging some time ago and due to the low load on my server didn't realize
> I had forgot to turn it off.
> Initially I was blacklisting the few offending hosts, as they only seemed
> to gang up on me one or two at a time, and it seemed an otherwise easy
> thing to do for some possibly virus-infected mass mailer system with a bad
> dns lookup routine.  Unfortunately, the offender seems to continue to come
> back every few days or so from a different source host, so clearly, I'm
> dealing with someone who is being a dedicated pain in the backside and has
> some axe to grind with me.  My initial thoughts were that someone was
> spamming and attempting to possibly use an DNS proxy lookup exploit or
> something of that nature, but the negative results confused me.  Somewhere
> along the line my system became lame for it's own domain too, which
> confused me as to how it happened, but it might have been an RPM update
> via yum that caused the conf to be saved out to .conf.rpmsave rather than
> something malicious.  Just thought I would throw that in, just in case it
> is important.
> It took me a while to fingure out what to query google for, since each DNS
> query was different and the suffix was always my domain.  I finally found
> a few search phrases that yielded positive results.
> I found this:
> http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4074.txt
> which referenced this:
> http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/714121
>>From these it seems there is a problem in bind and it is illustrated by a
> AAAA query returning NXDOMAIN instead of NOERROR and an empty return
> record.  The problem is that I'm seeing NXDOMAIN with an empty return
> record, so I'm not entirely sure what to expect.  Also from these two
> articles, I'm guessing that a failed AAAA query should cause the
> requesting client to fire back an A query or fatally die if the client
> doesn't handle this condition properly.  It seems that this isn't
> something like a web browser that one would normally expect for a client,
> and likely something custom due to the volume, so expecting it to die due
> to these failed queries is pointless.
> Is this some sort of exploit or known virus infected host(s)?  Is this
> something old or new?  Is it likely a simple DOS?  Anyone else seen this
> sort of thing before?
> Anyone know if I can configure Bind to ignore or drop AAAA queries since
> I'm not running IPv6? (not terribly appropriate for this list, but it does
> seem to be a DNS security related question...so maybe it's important to
> ask.  Yeah, I'm sure there's a more appropriate bind discussion list to
> ask this of, but here it is...)
> Is there another recommended defense?
> TIA,
> josh
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