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Sat Mar 4 19:03:54 GMT 2006

** Reply to message from "DigitalNation" <dshield at digitalnation.ca> on Fri, 3
Mar 2006 12:04:06 -0800

> We too, are very uneasy about this issue. After reading the SPAMCOP info on
> auto-generated messages, we are very unsure about the mentality of this
> issue. Out-of-office replies are now considered a ubiquitous part of email
> services. If you stop offering this to your email services clients they may
> just move to a provider who will offer it.

Out-of-office messages are a real pain in the ass.  I get spam sent to me using
out-of-office messages.  Sometimes a mailing list will get swamped with
out-of-office messages until the offending person is unsubscribed from the
list.  Out-of-office should only be used internally within a company.  If you
can not guarantee to not spam anyone using out-of-office then do not use it to
external sources.  If you can not guarantee to not send an out-of-office
message to a mailing list then do not use it to external sources.

> I am also concerned about this whole zero-tolerance "spam trap" issue. It
> bothers me that they do not look at each message received for it's content
> or source to ensure they do not list a server due to auto-gen messages. I
> would think there must be some easy way for them to really filter out the
> false positives?

Can you filter all spam?  How do you expect them to filter all false positives?
And in this case sending spam even if it is via an out-of-office message is
still sending spam.  Since you think someone should look at spam trap messages
why don't you inspect the out-of-office messages (since there will be a lot
less of them going out of your server than what goes into a spam trap) before
they are sent, either filtered by a program or visually by a person?

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