[Dshield] SSH Bots

lucy@lucindrea.com lucy at lucindrea.com
Tue Mar 7 04:49:53 GMT 2006

ya i see it all the time ... my nightly syslogs were showting thousands of
"invalid user" or "invalid password" to ssh accounts .. 2 soultions work
1. switch the port hat ssh works on from 22 to somthing odd like 678 or
somthing.( not the best soultion , but it does work )
2. edit the hosts.allow and hosts.deny fils to only allow ip#'s you know of.

if neither of these are an option , their are programs out their that go
into cron to run every min that will scan you logs for 4+ invalid logins
and block the ip# in iptables.

i'm thinking their is a most likely crypto key soultion also , but i dont
know enugh about the crypto to work it out , and the hosts.allow/deny
works fine for now.

i built a linux machine last week and put it on a public ip# i havent used
before .. took 2 days for it to start getting slamed .. was seeing 3000+
login attempts every few hours.

> Greetings,
> We got a new phishing email this morning (so, what else is new?) that
> resulted in my learning of a new attack (well, at least new to me) against
> ssh.
> When I contacted the system's netblock owner, they indicated that the
> compromised box was a MacOS/X system and they had already shut down the
> box. I got to talking to their security person and he indicated that the
> box was compromised via a brute force ssh attack. Apparently, there are
> botnets that do distributed brute force ssh attacks, hitting on all
> possible combinations of password characters up through 14 character
> lengths.
> Anyone else heard of and/or been a victim of this attack? If so, would you
> be willing to share the details and new countermeasures implemented?
> So, I guess it is time to change all of our ssh passwords to 15 or 16
> chars!
> Or, I seem to remember that MD5 hashed *nix passwords can be up to 128
> chars... so maybe our passwords should now become paragraphs?
> I guess what is really needed is some PAM-based authentication failure
> account lockout schema. I don't see any modules to this in default FC/4 or
> Solaris 9/10 distros. Anyone know if this can be done and/or how to do it?
> Thanks!
> Jon Kibler
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