[Dshield] DSHIELD:

Robert D. weaver at denstarfarm.us
Tue Mar 7 21:13:48 GMT 2006

I can't get my SpeedStream-4200 to notice the timestamp TCP packet. If
I make a DMZ, then my software firewall catches it correctly.

If I go to the Shields up page and run the tests, the router logs all
the attempts and sends them correctly to Syslog.

OK .. .. I have a filter,  #1, that deny's any protocol inbound from
anyone to anywhere and set to Log.

That is the only filter ... and it catches the grc.com shields-up test
page. I can set the POP 110 filter to log on outbound, as a further
test, and it shows up in syslog.

Why would I miss the Timestamp using the above filter? And, actually, I
tried setting a rule to notice that IP and that range of ports
(destination 10,000-10,100) .... and still no catch.

Robert D.

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