[Dshield] Static IP changing ?? WHY?

Aaron Lewis aaron at adldatacomm.net
Thu Mar 9 00:48:56 GMT 2006

Hmm no VPN here but I don't know about the system restore. I'm going there
tonight so I'll ask.

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> OK I have a good one for the list. I have a small home customer who I set
> up
> with a small netgear firewall/router, not sure of the model, and a Linksys
> WAP54G access point. I used 100% static IP space and have DHCP disabled
> everywhere. I configured the desktop with and the wireless
> laptop with The router is and the AP is
> Twice now, after a few days of use the laptop all of a sudden is
> configured
> with causing an IP address conflict and obviously taking both
> machines off the network.
> Does anyone have any idea why this would / could happen?
> Thanks

A vpn connection perhaps reassigning the ip for the laptop instead of adding
a secondary ip? If it's windows XP, is the end user by chance doing a system
restore causing it to reset?  Just some wild guesses.

Mike P.

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