[Dshield] Anti-Phishing

Glenn Jarvis gaj at uppergroove.ca
Sat Mar 11 13:43:07 GMT 2006

Johannes wrote:

>Remember that many phishing sites are hosted on poorly secured shared
>servers. As a result of your action, you may impact innocent bystanders
>that are hosted on the same system.
I encountered this when I chose a new hosting provider and it was a 
highly recommended company. Using the ftp
program, I was able to not only view my directory, but just about 
everyone else's on that particular server. Needless
to say, I moved the site to another secure host within days. I won't 
mention the name of the hosting company in a
public list though. ;)

>- - shared servers are not suitable for business critical hosting needs.
>They are fine for hobby sites or simple "business card" web sites. But
>they should never be used for online stores and the like.
I definately agree. When folks purchase software, the button actually 
takes them directly to the ecommerce
company secure server. Since I know there are folks that won't use a 
credit card online, we also offer them
the ability to purchase by mail,phone or fax , all handled by the 
ecommerce company. Placing an online store
that processes purchases on a shared server, such as with the hosting 
company from above, is definately looking
for disaster.


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