[Dshield] Russian Deals

Mar Matthias Darin BDarin at tanaya.net
Mon Mar 13 20:55:19 GMT 2006


John B. Holmblad writes: 

> I was just reflecting on the sad fact that all of the spam circulating 
> around the planet is making us all more cynical. I have decided to turn 
> this into an opportunity to have a laugh at the absurdity of the scams 
> coming out. I just got one purporting to be a message from God. Even 
> with snail mail I get stuff that is of the "made ya look..." variety 
> because it purports to be "registered" or some other come on to get you 
> to open the envelope. I make a point of showing my children (most of the 
> time unless I want to see what the scam is actually about) that I rip 
> this stuff up without even opening it. To me the worst offenders in the 
> snail mail category are those that provide you with a check for some 
> amount of $ but on the back where you endorse the check is a fine print 
> contract that signs you up for something that you really did not intend 
> to sign up for. To me these kinds of things are worse than the e-spammers.

I agree.  At least the snail mail spammers are the ones flipping the bill 
and are held accountable for fraud....  Too bad the e-spammers aren't 
accountable to the same laws... 

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