[Dshield] Syslog realtime report builder

Andrew andrewwilly at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 22:02:55 GMT 2006

Good afternoon,

Thanks in advance.


Do any of you know of a quality syslog monitor than can 
format/display/filter events in real time (or reasonably similar to real 

Actual situation:

We use Checkpoint FW1/NG.  I am a fan of their logging client, now 
called, "Smartview Tracker".  We also have a SonicWall 3060 + Viewpoint 
which provides real time syslog events, the same information but not so 
handily colored, or easily filtered or sorted.  I would like to monitor 
these events and have format applied to them and end up with the 
'scroll' I like so much from Checkpoint. Suggestions?

Thanks again,


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