[Dshield] U.S. Objects to Snort Purchase by Israel-Based Check Point

George Capehart capegeo at opengroup.org
Wed Mar 15 04:03:49 GMT 2006

Jon R. Kibler wrote:
> Greetings All,
> Well, I am a little behind on reading mail from various lists, and this is about a week old, but thought it was interest. This is from webappsec.org's mailing list:
>>"The same Bush administration review panel that approved a ports deal involving the United Arab Emirates 
>>has notified a leading Israeli software company that it faces a rare, full-blown investigation over its plans 
>>to buy a smaller rival.
>>The objections by the FBI and Pentagon were partly over specialized intrusion detection software known as 
>>"Snort," which guards some classified U.S. military and intelligence computers."
> Interesting...

Heh.  And I'm a little farther behind.  The irony of the situation is that
Snort is completely open code.  There's absolutely nothing about Snort that
the world, if it cares to, doesn't know already.  No secrets there.  Want the
source?  http://www.snort.org/got_source/source.html . . .

Sheesh!  Just goes to show how clueless the Cheney-Rumsfeld administration and
the military really is . . .  ;}



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