[Dshield] S.O.S.

Sven Marten Czerwonka sven.marten.czerwonka at gmx.de
Thu Mar 16 20:31:24 GMT 2006

cbminfo wrote:

>It's been 3 months and Dshields still not converting them. And I can't remember the last time I got any mail from dshield.
>Is dsield still working ?
DShield is working as far as I can tell (at least my logs are processed
and I get mails from the mailing lists).

 If you are not getting any data processed for about three month: Did
you check that your data is correctly dated?
I have the problem, that my routers firewall logs do not contain any
year so I hardwired 2005 in my reporting script and submitted bogus data
for two days in January before I noticed it. Maybe it's the same problem
with your submissions?

http://dshield.org/status.php states that the dshield servers  are up,
so there should not be a problem.

Best regards
Sven Marten Czerwonka
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