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Linksys has a LOG VIEWER application which allows you to view limited
connection info on incoming and outgoing through the router/switch.


I hope this helps you.

M. McBride
Security Admin
Vancouver, Canada

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 This is a first, I didn't receive any response on this.  Anyone have any
ideas where I should look?

Thanx, Paul

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Once again and as always please excuse the OT question but I know the list
will answer my question ;)

I've rolled out a Linksys WRT54Gx2. I'm having issues with it (I won't go in
to it) but part of troubleshooting the problems has revealed outside
connection attempts.  Multiples for the same two MACs every second, so many
I'm thinking that it could be a piece of the pie eating up CPU cycles. 

I've ping the broadcast address of the LAN and checked arp cache but can't
find the MACs in question.  Linksys's admin interface for the WRT is limited
at best, I can't find any place in the interface to show arp cache.  I know
I'll eventually end up at OpenWRT but I'm not ready for that just yet.

The question is, is there a tool out there that I could use to identify
these connection attempts?

Thanx, Paul  

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