[Dshield] BASE 1.2.4 (melissa) released

Kevin Johnson kjohnson at secureideas.net
Sun Mar 19 22:54:43 GMT 2006

The BASE project team and I are proud to announce the availability of  
our newest release of
the Basic Analysis and Security Engine (BASE) project.  It is now  
from http://sourceforge.net/projects/secureideas

This release comes after two months of enormous amounts of effort.   
The team, and users have
fixed more bugs and implemented more features then any of our other  
releases to date!  The
CHANGELOG has 43 entries for this release alone.  If you are using  
PostgreSQL, you will love
this new release as a lot of work was put into supporting that DB  
better.  We also now support the
107 version of the schema from Snort and FLoP.  Archiving and other  
actions have also had a
number of annoying bugs fixed.  Searching has also been a focus since  
the last release.
The full CHANGELOG is below.

We would also like to welcome our new team members and thank the  
departed ones for all of
their hard work.  And of course we would like to thank everyone who  
nominated us in the
Sourceforge Community Choice Awards ( http://sourceforge.net/awards/ 
cca/ ),
don't forget to vote for us. ;-)

Thanks again
Kevin Johnson and the BASE project team

     - Fixed issue with PostGRES and schema in base_db.inc.php --  
Kevin J and Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1284695 Error in SQL with PostgreSQL -- Kevin J and  
     - Fixed issues displaying PortScans -- Nikns
     - Fixed sig_class (bug #1407325) and sig_priority filter bug --  
Nikns and Max Valdez (garaged)
     - Fixed bug #1408387 Archive move and Email summary issues -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug when, after setup, archive database wasn't used --  
     - Fixed PostgreSQL archive database support -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1313261 Unable to use actions in  
base_stat_sensor.php -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1371532 First of month timestamp issue -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1406945 Lost alert order when switching between  
payload display -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1413712 base_conf.php file path issue under MS  
Windows -- garaged
     - Fixed search by signature name -- Nikns
     - Converted sql/create_base_tbls_mssql_extra.sql to CRLF line  
terminators -- Nikns
     - Fixed broken auth system for MSSQL -- Nikns
     - Changed MSSQL schema for table acid_event, sig_name now has  
type VARCHAR instead of TEXT -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1307250 broken base_stat_alerts.php with MSSQL --  
     - Fixed bug #1413594 Force to use alert database for auth system  
stuff -- Nikns
     - Setup fix, on error form values are remembered, default  
language is English -- garaged
     - Uppercased name 'Archive' in base_main.php (in sync with  
base_hdr1.php) -- Nikns
     - Fixed support for actions in base_stat_class.php -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1418660 Broken search by IP criteria -- Nikns
     - Added checkboxes and fixed support for actions in  
base_stat_iplink.php -- Nikns
     - Implemented RFE #1123382 support for actions in  
base_stat_uaddr.php -- Nikns
     - Implemented support for actions in base_stat_ports.php -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1422575 when empty email sent even if action  
unsuccessful -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1424033 Unable to Graph Alert Detection Time -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1426089 Score removed from email address -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1210542 and #1288402 Packet display mode issues --  
     - Detect archiving duplicates with select queries instead of  
catching db conflict error -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1430686 Update alert cache for archived alert right  
after it is coppied to archive db -- Nikns
     - Implemented archiving support for schema 107 -- Nikns
     - Added sig_gid (signature generator id) to snort signature  
reference url for schema 107 -- Nikns
     - session_start() on base_conf.php avoiding repetition, easier  
to handle with debug output -- garaged
     - debug_mode needs to be off on login (index.php:45 ) -- garaged
     - Fixed bug #1275536 Unable to download binary payload in  
Internet Explorer when using SSL -- Nikns
     - Implemented archiving support for FLoP extended database  
schema -- Nikns
     - Implemented rebuild of packet in pcap format for FLoP extended  
database -- Nikns
     - Added display of MAC addresses in base_query_alert.php for  
FLoP extended database -- Nikns
     - Fixed BASE authentication bypass in standalone mode for  
base_maintenance.php -- Nikns
     - Added HTTP response codes on authentication failure in  
base_maintenance.php for standalone mode -- Nikns
     - Fixed bug #1341286 Show IP header length in bytes, not words  
-- Juergen Leising
     - In plain display mode several sequential non-ASCII payload  
characters join together displaying their count -- Nikns
     - Changed input type of the password field in useradmin -- Kevin  

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