[Dshield] Syslog Server Software

Timothy A. Holmes tholmes at mcaschool.net
Thu Mar 23 14:15:11 GMT 2006

Thank you ALL for all the advice and suggestions.  My solution is in
place and processing data as we speak ---

I installed syslog-NG on a dedicated Gentoo box and routed all my syslog
traffic to it, Splunk is ingesting the data and presenting it to me in a
useable format, todays projects include setting up syslog-ng on my
fedora stations and figuring out logrotate -- the idea of log-watch
sounds good as well, I may very well look at that also

Hopefully I will also be beginning a Snort installation


Timothy A. Holmes
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Medina Christian Academy
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> On Thu, 2006-03-16 at 08:45 -0500, Timothy A. Holmes wrote:
> > Thanks for all the responses, im busy looking at options and hope to
> > have something chosen by later today, Im getting overloaded with
> > information that I have no way to correlate
> >
> > The syslog ng option looks good, I just need a way to analyze the
> > as grepping through the logs is not an option due to time restraints
> >
> > TIM
> >
> >
> > Timothy A. Holmes
> > IT Manager / Network Admin / Web Master / Computer Teacher
> Once they all log to one server you can use LogWatch to email reports
> you.
> I only have 6 server... so I just load LogWatch on them all and have
> them email me a report every day.
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