[Dshield] Patch, patch, patch

Hebert, John jhebert at putnamplastics.com
Wed Apr 4 11:53:08 GMT 2007

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> While we're venting about seemingly insurmountable frustrations such
> spam, I've had it with maintaining our users' Windows desktops. Over
> 75%
> of our man hours are spent patching, upgrading, troubleshooting,
> cleaning, scanning and repairing the damn things. There has to be a
> better way.

Have you considered something like LANDesk?  I've worked with a few
companies that use it, and they love it.  It lets you pick, manage, and
deploy patches, maintain software and hardware inventory, manage
licenses, deploy software, and remote-control end computers, all from a
single console.  You can even automate the process to get patches and
deploy them while you sleep.  Check out http://www.landesk.com for more


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