[Dshield] Spam Email - Threats and Extortion

David Drewrey davidd at olemiss.edu
Thu Apr 19 18:15:51 GMT 2007

  I am working on 2 here on our campus. 

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University of Mississippi
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We've recently begun seeing a few emails come across that I sure hope are
spam.  They basically report that the sender has been contracted to perform
bodily harm/kill the recipient and has been following them for a period of
time.  If they do not give X dollars to a location to be named later,
they'll carry out the threat.  The emails look like the usual spam, in that
they have a couple of misspelled words, capitalization and grammar problems.
But, they don't exhibit the usual spam features in the headers.  They come
from a single address that is easily tracked down instead of through a
series of smtp servers and directly address the end user.


I can provide the actual text and some email headers if folks want to see.  


But has anyone else seen anything like this recently or heard of this?




Alex Ackley

Systems Administrator




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