[Dshield] Spam Email - Threats and Extortion

Ackley, Alex aackley at epmgpc.com
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Thanks all.  I found information on this on the FBI Computer crimes web
site.  I've contacted local and government law enforcement as per

The couple I've got have different headers but the text is nearly

The text is as follows:

This is the only way i could reach you, I Want you be very carefull
about this and keep the secret with you untill i make out space  for
us to see, You have no need of knowing who i am,where am from,until i 
make out a space for us to see, i have being paid a ransom in advance
to terminate you with some reasons listed to me by my employer,i have
followed you closely for one week and five days now and have seen that
you are innocent of the accusation,Do not contact the police or try to
send a copy of this to them, because if you do i will know, and might
be compelled to do what i have being paid to do,besides this is the
first time  i turned out to be a betrayer in my job. 

Now listen,i will arrange for us to see face to face but before that i
need the amount of $30,000.00(part payment) to be paid in to an
account i will provide for you,you have nothing to be afraid of,i will
come to your home, or you determine where you wish we meet,i repeat do 
not arrange for the corps,do not set any camera to cover usor set up
any tape to record our conversation,my employer is in mycontrol
now,after our conversation,i will give you the tape that contains his
request for me to terminate you,(i tape recorded our conversation) 
which will be enough evidence for you to take him to court(if you wish
to), then the balance of $10, 000.00 will bepaid to me in cash,beware
of associates ,reply back at once.


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I'd contact my legal department and my local office of the FBI, ASAP. I
think that falls under Title 18, 1030 B "by conduct described in clause
(i), (ii) or (iii) of subparagraph (A), caused (or, in the case of an
attempted offense), would, if completed, have caused) -

(iii) physical injury to any person;

But I'm not a lawyer, but still, I'd treat that very seriously.

Jeff Stebelton, GCIA GCIH CEH ESSE
Manager, Network Security


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We've recently begun seeing a few emails come across that I sure hope
are spam.  They basically report that the sender has been contracted to
perform bodily harm/kill the recipient and has been following them for a
period of time.  If they do not give X dollars to a location to be named
later, they'll carry out the threat.  The emails look like the usual
spam, in that they have a couple of misspelled words, capitalization and
grammar problems.  But, they don't exhibit the usual spam features in
the headers.  They come from a single address that is easily tracked
down instead of through a series of smtp servers and directly address
the end user.

I can provide the actual text and some email headers if folks want to

But has anyone else seen anything like this recently or heard of this?


Alex Ackley

Systems Administrator



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