[Dshield] Serious spammers

Mike Easter mike.easter at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 16:28:00 GMT 2007

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

> With the last spam received, I see (by means of my favorite whois
> lookup, whois.lacnic.net) that AccelerateBiz now rules over
> as well as 204.14.% and 204.10.% subnets.

Spam issues are not really proper fodder for the dshield list.

OrgName:    AccelerateBiz Inc.
OrgID:      ACCEL-8

NetRange: -

NetRange: -

NetRange: -

NetRange: -

NetRange: -

> Strangely enough, Steve Linford's Spamhaus outfit doesn't react to
> AccelerateBiz addresses at all.

Spamhaus SBL listed ISPs
United States ISP

No acceleratebiz.com

SBL listings are made according to policies outlined in Rationale &
Listing Criteria.
The SBL database will normally include IPs identified to Spamhaus's best
ability as direct spam sources, spammer hosting/DNS, spam gangs and spam
support services.

Is there a way to report spam to Spamhaus?
 No. Spamhaus DNSBLs are not based on spam reported to us (we have our
own systems for detecting and identifying spam, proxies, etc.).

Mike Easter

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