[Dshield] PDF Spam Wave

Shaun shaun at shaunc.com
Sat Aug 4 06:05:58 GMT 2007

I rarely speak up on this list, but I've got to throw out my two cents
on this one.

Someone relays his experience about the recent rise in PDF spam, replete
with details, headers, etc. trying to create a well-documented incident
report, and he gets flamed by several people. Yet earlier the same day,
someone reported a common phish to the list and received nary a response.
Do the detractors only wake at night?

Come on, folks, we're all working towards a common goal here. Certainly
it's rewarding to think "gee, where have you been lately?" but not
everyone is as widely exposed to net abuse as the rest of us. Incidents that
most IT folks would consider innocuous might pique the interest of
someone who's never seen such behavior. 

Any individual who's made it as far as this list - well beyond the
dungeons of dslreports "OMG I AM GETTING PACKETS" - and is willing and
able to provide a detailed report of what they feel to be an incident of
note, deserves respect for the effort that they put into the report. If
it's a known issue, a couple of URLs are all it takes to point that out.

I'm no angel - far from it - but can we at least try not to patronize
new contributors?



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