[Dshield] abuse script operatiing at godaddy sites

Joe_Blanchard at 3com.com Joe_Blanchard at 3com.com
Thu Aug 9 21:15:20 GMT 2007

Looks to be for the use of hacking a Sony PSP.


Angels of death, looks like a small group of folks doing some interesting
things. Not sure, looks like they are simply using that (and another site)
to be able to distribute that script. Doesn't look to do anything harmful,
unless you run it on a nix box, then your on your own. 0:

Joe Blanchard

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63-247-90-156/images/cmd?  63.l247.90.156 is the actual server name changed
to stop inadvertent link ... this is a trojan per Norton...
Please share who what are the angels of death? and their roots ... is this
an old exploit or something new? is this tied to Rafa Styled attacks on
Linux or aimed at MS Clients via explorer? Clueless and suspicious ... I
have copied the script and studying it now in text format can this be
stopped and traced to perp?
Jim e Beistle Jr.

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