[Dshield] The demise of the hub

Jeff Lake jlake at kcso.org
Fri Aug 10 16:12:17 GMT 2007

Rick Wanner wrote:
> It is official...the hub is officially dead.
> Over the last five years or so it has gotten harder and harder to by hubs 
> for incident response.  AFAIK the last vendor left was NetGear with the 
> EN104/108 10Meg hubs and the DS104/108 10/100MB Smart hubs.  Yesterday I 
> went to order some more and NetGear is no longer manufacturing them.
> I guess we are going to have to be real careful with the ones that we have 
> left.
> Rick

Netoptics sells 10/100 network taps starting around $400.
Slightly more than the hub ;) but worth it.

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