[Dshield] The demise of the hub

Tom dshield at oitc.com
Fri Aug 10 16:25:59 GMT 2007

At 9:14 AM -0600 8/10/07, Rick Wanner wrote:
>It is official...the hub is officially dead.
>Over the last five years or so it has gotten harder and harder to by hubs
>for incident response.  AFAIK the last vendor left was NetGear with the
>EN104/108 10Meg hubs and the DS104/108 10/100MB Smart hubs.  Yesterday I
>went to order some more and NetGear is no longer manufacturing them.
>I guess we are going to have to be real careful with the ones that we have

I've had great luck obtaining hubs in used electronic shops and the 
price is right.


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