[Dshield] The demise of the hub

Larry Craddock l_craddock at netride.net
Fri Aug 10 20:07:55 GMT 2007

		I use NetOptics TAPs but I'm also not wild about having to monitor it with 2 NICs. I use the $95 4 port NICs from routerboard ... they make it a little easier but doesn't help the offsite / laptop scenario.. Also NetOptics has aggregators that let you monitor bi-directional traffic with one NIC but they're even more costly than the taps. I'll probably stick with taps and 4 port NICs.

Larry Craddock


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> Netoptics sells 10/100 network taps starting around $400.
> http://www.netoptics.com/
> Slightly more than the hub ;) but worth it.

Its about 10 x the price of a hub :-( . But I agree that they got some
nice low end taps.

Has anybody played with home made taps ? They are simple to make for

The main problem I have with tabs (aside form the price) is that you
need two network cards. Frequently I find myself off-site with a laptop
and only one network card. So you need to carry a second network
card/switch or get a more expensive tab.

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