[Dshield] "Disable preview pane" as a defense

Darren Spruell phatbuckett at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 16:19:37 GMT 2007

> Low risk? Bah! Give a user a well crafted socially engineered email
> and the user will click on or do anything they are asked to 999 out
> of 1000.

> Tom Shaw's notion of a well crafted socially engineered email is
> right on. Even after thorough end-user education I am still amazed at what
> people will click on. I often wonder what kind of evil garbage resides on
> their home P.C's.

Thanks for the input, but I'm really wondering out the danger of
client-side attacks that _don't_ require user interaction. Typically
the response to them (think active content, rendering engines, etc.)
is to disable the preview pane. Are there cases (and I think the
answer is yes) where e.g. killing the preview pane does not protect
against those classes of attack? (Specifically not opening
attachments, clicking links, etc.)


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