[Dshield] Extreme increase in spam attempts... any one elseseeing similar event?

Tomas L. Byrnes tomb at byrneit.net
Wed Aug 22 17:44:33 GMT 2007

1: Inertia. Users use their exchange mailboxes as their archives. So you
have to be able to migrate ALL the existing data, and contacts, and

2: Staffing: It is easy to find someone certified and qualified to
manage an MS platform, Linux/Unix sysadmins are rarer, and much more

3: Risk: The vast majority of business want IT to be seen and not heard.
IT staffers' main job is to not screw up. Exchange is a known quantity,
and no-one ever got fired for buying Microsoft (or IBM, or Cisco). An IT
director who pitches the alternatives runs the risk of losing their
career if it doesn't work, and getting the CFO to approve it is an
uphill battle. If Exchange fails, well "everyone does it", and you can
blame MS.

These sorts of threads always demonstrate the complete lack of
understanding of the bulk of the marketplace that the OSS community has.
Until the l33t H at x0rz start to understand what motivates the vast
majority of people, and what their daily life is like, mediocrities like
M$ and IBM, who understand how to sell, will continue to dominate.

P.S. Sent via Exchange from Outlook, because of item 1. What I have
works, and I have limited time, most of which I spend working on new
products or for clients.

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> Tomas L. Byrnes skrev, on 20-08-2007 16:47:
> > Zimbra does all this and more. You can even get a pre-configured 
> > VMWare VM to try it out.
> Seeing as both Desknow and Zimbra run on a provenly stable, 
> security-proven freeware OS (CentOS, you may pay for Red Hat 
> licenses if you wish), I don't see why people are still 
> clinging to MS Exchange. 
> Unless it's a severe case of the chronic PHBs, or pure FUD.
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