[Dshield] open-source Exchange substitute

Jim McCullough jim.mccullough at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 19:48:53 GMT 2007

Some have tried the other products.  But it's not just a question of
what is actually doing the job.  It also comes down to pushing it past
the bean counters.  In smaller organizations its much easier.  Try it
on a company that has over 100k employes world wide.  The success
might be 1%.   And if you do get it past the bean counters, then you
have to get it past the legal and HR departments.  And dont forget the
backlash of end users who despise any type of change.

On 8/22/07, Tony Earnshaw <tonni at hetnet.nl> wrote:
> Rick Leir skrev, on 20-08-2007 22:44:
> > Some projects exist, but I have not tried them.  Here is a partial list:
> >    http://www.open-xchange.com/
> >    http://www.OpenGroupware.org
> >    http://www.zimbra.com/
> > A comparison:
> > http://www.siriusit.co.uk/index.php/documentation/email-calendaring/whitepaper-groupware
> >
> >> The problem is that for all the flames Exchange takes from the security
> >> community, it *does* provide a lot of features that large sites often want to
> >> use, and those features are hard to find on other enterprise-ready open-source
> >> projects.
> You forgot Desknow http://www.desknow.com/
> You ain't trying things out for yourself: *DO SO* before asking
> !"¤&/()UGF questions that are only bound to incite flame.
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