[Dshield] Blocking Country Access

Frank Knobbe frank at knobbe.us
Tue Feb 20 17:16:33 GMT 2007

On Tue, Feb 20, 2007 at 08:54:14AM -0800, Dave Hatz wrote:
> I am trying to find information on how to block countries from our networks.
> I remember seeing lists that contain the IP addresses for the countries.
> Can someone please point me in the right direction on where I can obtain a
> list of the country IP address so we can block them.

You can find netblocks by country (or by ISP) at:


Use /countries/ for the list by country, not /country/. That directory is no
longer maintained. I don't know well /countries/ is maintained these days,
but it should still provide decent coverage with minimal collateral damage.


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