[Dshield] Blocking Country Access

Andrew Willy andrewwilly at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 03:18:37 GMT 2007

Tony (or is Tonni preferred?),

May I ask about your message load?  How many mail users and how
many messages per day or per some other period of time?



On 2/21/07, Tony Earnshaw <tonni at hetnet.nl> wrote:
> If we were blocking at firewall level, we'd never get to see all this.
> Hence my remark on "cutting the cat's throat".
> > IOW: Dropping a connection that you are going to drop @ the MTA @ the
> > firewall saves you bandwidth, and CPU on the MTA, for the exact same
> > effect that you get with an MTA RBL.
> The point of our using RBLs at all, is that they are dynamic. We are
> relying on 4 carefully chosen authorities to judge for us; anyone on
> their block lists can get off them again by repenting without us having
> to lift a finger. We also use other, empiric blocks relating to client
> behavior, specifically conformance to rfc2821.
> Best,
> --Tonni

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