[Dshield] Kaspersky antivirus updates failing

hudr at sympatico.ca hudr at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 22 23:46:03 GMT 2007

I have recently begun to have problems with my pc crashing and requiring 
constant repair booting.  It appears that my virus defintions aren't 
updating.  I'm not running IE but firefox instead.  My avirus [defender 
pro/kaspersky] suddenly won't update cuz it can't contact its servers to 

Is this b/c of the fact that the updater copies settings from IE's 
connection settings?  I'm using a LAN connection running a broadband service 

Or might it be my ZA firewall blocking the servers?  I can't find the 
serving settings but have emailed for support to them.  I want to place 
those updaters in the trusted department; etc.

ANy suggestions?  running windows 2000 pro sp4 with cumulative update.

Sugg's would be much appreciated.  cuz no antivirus software is bad news.


H Ramelan

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