[Dshield] Password Cracking Software

Mister Coffee live4java at stormcenter.net
Fri Feb 23 20:18:39 GMT 2007

Personally, I use JtR for all my password cracking needs.  Load up the 
password files on a dedicated machine (or three) and use a combination 
of techniques against the passwords.  I don't know of a package that 
will avoid AV (or is trusted by AV vendors) by default, but it's a good 
idea to separate the cracking machine from the rest of the world in any 
case.  The more processes you can turn off, the more cycles you'll have 
for password cracking.

Perhaps boot an isolated machine from a LiveDC and let it rock?


David Taylor wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since @Stake was acquired by Symantec L0phtCrack is no longer available.  As
> far as I know it was the only professional quality (with support, etc)
> software available for this purpose.  Does anyone know of other software
> that would fit this bill?
> I know there are a lot of applications out there such as John the Ripper,
> Cain, etc but we are looking for one that would, by default, not get
> detected by Anti-Virus software.
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