[Dshield] 0wnlng Windows machines

Tony Earnshaw tonni at hetnet.nl
Mon Feb 26 03:05:00 GMT 2007

MaXX wrote, on 26. feb 2007 02:10:


> I do have the problem
> Konqueror 3.5.2 - FreeBSD 6.2 : Certificate signing autority unknown or invalid
> Firefox 2.0.1 - FreeBSD 6.2: Unable to verify if the site is trusted...
> You probably added yourself as a trusted authority, which is not the case for other people...

Let's dig a little deeper. Your workstation was
mwinf4017.mobistarmail.be when you sent this message. The
Apache ssl_request_log shows a request from for the url
using TLSv1 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA. That should be strong enough ...

Ok, let's try Konqueror (mine's Red Hat RHAS4/Gnome 2). Indeed, it won't
connect because it doesn't like the cert. So we Cancel, go to "Settings"
above (I have a Norwegian Konqueror, so I have to translate loosely)
"Set up Konqueror", "Crypto" (?), "Foreign host's SSL-certificate",
click on Barlaeus Gymnasium, choose "Store" permanent (you can always
remove it later), "Policy/Practice" Accept, click on OK, reload the page
- and hey presto, it works.

Don't know about Firefox 2 on BSD, I have on RHAS4 and it "just
works", but I presume there's something akin for it.



Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl

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