[Dshield] Known instances of malware using printers as an attack vector?

ed.truitt at etee2k.net ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Tue Feb 27 19:21:18 GMT 2007

I have been asked to look into whether our network printers present a  
level of risk to the network that is higher than has been the case in  
previous years.  In order to answer that question, I was wondering if  
anyone has solid evidence of the following:

* Malware (of whatever type) that actually attacks printers, or uses a  
vulnerability found on a network printer to propogate

* An increase in vendor disclosures of vulnerabilities in their  
printing products, and specifically an increase in the number of  
security fixes (patches) issued for printer-related vulnerabilities

TIA for any assistance you can provide.

~Ed T.

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