[Dshield] DShield Redesign / new login

Freek de Kruijf f.de.kruijf at hetnet.nl
Tue Jan 9 17:47:25 GMT 2007

Op dinsdag 9 januari 2007 18:36, schreef Johannes B. Ullrich:
> Freddie Sorensen wrote:
> > I cannot confirm my profile - every time I try, it returns me to the login
> > page
> if you are having issues like this, send me your e-mail address and
> userid off-list.

I had the same problem. and used "new password" or something similar. You 
don't need to give your old password. You will receive an e-mail with a 
confirmation URL. The first URL this did not work, so I did change the 
password a second time; as is suggested. After that I received a second 
confirmation URL and that one worked. Now I can login.


Freek de Kruijf

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