[Dshield] Apparent DNS Cache poisoning on Bellsouth name servers

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Tue Jan 16 22:50:58 GMT 2007

I have Bellsouth as my home DSL ISP. My DNS servers are and When I ping www.intel.com, I get the following results:
PING a961.g.akamai.net ( 56 data bytes

That is part of the UUNET block. The Intel web site comes up just fine.


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We have been having some intermittent connection problems with some sites 

My current DNS server is, as provided by BellSouth, my ISP.

Currently a ping to www.intel.com resolves to a computer named 
a961.g.akamai.net, with an address of, a Romanian address 
according to whois.

Using www.dnsstuff.com, the same ping resolves to as it should.


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