[Dshield] Port 9571/tcp

Tomas L. Byrnes tomb at byrneit.net
Wed Jan 17 16:38:07 GMT 2007

Do you have a skype host on your network that is using 9571 as its port?
It could just be systems trying to connect to it and use it as a

Otherwise, 9571 is the Tivoli Netview web server port. Maybe there's a
vuln for Tivoli we don't know about?


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Noticed 750+ scans targeting a single IP on 9571/tcp during the past
couple of days. Over 90% of the scans are originating from western
Europe (about half from FR), with about a half dozen originating from
Latin America and AOL, and 2 or 3 originating from eastern Asia. 

Anyone else seen similar scans? 

Any idea what may be using that port?

Only have firewall logs to go by, and they don't show a lot of detail
(i.e., TTL, etc.).

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