[Dshield] Port 9571/tcp

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Wed Jan 17 17:18:05 GMT 2007

"Tomas L. Byrnes" wrote:
> Do you have a skype host on your network that is using 9571 as its port?
> It could just be systems trying to connect to it and use it as a
> supernode.

No Skype. 

> Otherwise, 9571 is the Tivoli Netview web server port. Maybe there's a
> vuln for Tivoli we don't know about?

No Tivoli. (If this is a commonly used port by Tivoli, why don't they register it with IANA?!)

Searched for Netview in CVE and bugtraq, and all I found was a very old SNMP vuln. Nothing in Google (web or groups) either (except for an ISC port graph). About a month ago, TippingPoint published a BO vuln in Tivoli Storage Manager -- maybe there is a backdoor path to that vuln through Netview? Or worse, 0-day?

What is strangest, all scans are to one IP -- which currently has no public services (and never has). Don't know about Skype, but a lot of sources (250+) thinking there was a Skype host there would be somewhat weird I would think.

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